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File 15010788167.jpg - (191.79KB , 1366x728 , noscript.jpg )
35 No. 35
What do you guys use to keep your browser more secure?

I'm using NoScript that automatically blocks all Javascript from unknown source. To allow left click on the red stop sign (in ff), and allow for certain sites. By default will block everything, so it's good for all those bad imagehosts that launch Pops and pop-unders. (Sometimes dangerous).

I also use adblock plus.

If you want to help 144chan and 155, please consider whitelisting some of the cpx24 popunder domains and some of the adsterra related domains for noscript/adblock.

Any add-on suggestions otherwise? I also have video download-helper (grab any video including some stream/live), and widify/ultrawide (for extending full screen to extra wide (certain monitors/aspect ratio).

domains to block or whitelist are welcome also.
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>> No. 36
File 150107901257.jpg - (85.29KB , 799x800 , Puar.jpg )
New!! Cats board! http://144chan.org/cat/
>> No. 38
I use Request Policy running alongside NoScript; works in a different way but also allows manual configging of permanent or temporary whitelisting like NS.

Another handy little add-on is Self-Destructing Cookies. Tried using Better Privacy as a cookie manager but found it a bit buggy.

Ghostery was quite good once upon a time but they became cucked a while ago.
>> No. 39
Self-Destructing Cookies.
Trying this any advice? Banking login saved?

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