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File 14786241382.png - (592.05KB , 754x1014 , Sans titre.png )
51 No. 51
Someone knows who is this young beauty and where to find some sets? Many thanks in advance!
>> No. 65
Tessa from charming angels
>> No. 66

No, She is Tessa from Chemal & Gegg.
>> No. 69
Ok thanks, folks
>> No. 85
This is Tessa form c&g set 60
>> No. 108
so where do you get set 60?
>> No. 109

Same place that you get any set. Hope that someone posts it.

FYI the agency has been shut down for years. This girl is probably married with kids by now.
>> No. 111
Try here:-
pw -*here*-
>> No. 116
could you pleae reup all sabina sets' thanks
>> No. 117
reup sabina
>> No. 118
So any gal who may have kids today you're not collecting.....
Must be quite empty in your collection as most posted today are married since some time ago
Except the toddlers of course
A bit less hasty to skip the models who made the business starting well it's up to you
Don't forget to delete any of the models who'll get married soon lol

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