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File 14786241382.png - (592.05KB , 754x1014 , Sans titre.png )
51 No. 51
Someone knows who is this young beauty and where to find some sets? Many thanks in advance!
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>> No. 65
Tessa from charming angels
>> No. 66

No, She is Tessa from Chemal & Gegg.
>> No. 69
Ok thanks, folks
>> No. 85
This is Tessa form c&g set 60
>> No. 108
so where do you get set 60?
>> No. 109

Same place that you get any set. Hope that someone posts it.

FYI the agency has been shut down for years. This girl is probably married with kids by now.
>> No. 111
Try here:-
pw -*here*-
>> No. 116
could you pleae reup all sabina sets' thanks
>> No. 117
reup sabina
>> No. 156

instead of advertising another bloody chan board post the damn links here? we need all of the traffic we can get here for cripes sakes. smh
>> No. 163

what, you haven't figured out how to copy/paste and ctop?

try again or go back to your other board, troll.
>> No. 165


LMAO! Mr. "Regards" causing trouble at yet another image board. If it isn't defending your piss poor choice of hosts or trying to be a know-it-all, it's your surly attitude. You couldn't even last at Sharespam, where they give you a 5 minute [email protected] as a last resort.

You've been run off of at least 2 other boards arguing with other people. Will this be a 3rd? ^_^
>> No. 167

"regards" clown still with the rambling english butchering posts i see. do us a favor and stay at your other forum. the anon who uses the pass "model" has been posting c-g sets everywhere and at least uses a decent host, unlike you and your free user restricted molasses slow host of choice. byw no one misses you at the other board. life goes on, "regards"... lol

abut the only good thing at sharespam was the mods deleting your useless prattle...
>> No. 169
And the only two file hosts in use on that forum are Salefiles and Turbobit! Gee, thanks!!

It's a blatant money-making operation, reposting stuff that has been freely shared in the past.

Won't be getting any more clicks from me!
>> No. 172
File 148789403413.jpg - (213.25KB , 1154x728 , notsex.jpg )
Should I delete that guys posts or what?
>> No. 173

Please do. I've butted heads with "regards" at at least 3 other boards. He's always providing wrong information, then gets into pissing matches with anyone who corrects him. He usually pisses off the mods and his posts are deleted. He eventually wanders to another board where people don't know him. But it always begins again.

And if you visited the board that he referred above, you would see that it's just a money making front where the sole poster is the admin there. Wouldn't shock me if it's "regards" board lol.

Unfortunately he's a cancer wherever he posts... =/
>> No. 206

why is this jackass allowed to post here? no wonder no one visits this board anymore...
>> No. 208

lol english isn't your strong suit, is it 3rd world boy? ^_^
>> No. 210
3rd world are USA just look at that piece of shit as president he'll make it vanish in no time bozo
>> No. 213

herp derp...

look everyone it's dumbald chump. he must have mistook this board for twitter.
>> No. 216

Come on man. Keep that shit out of here.

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