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File 149617415386.jpg - (293.65KB , 1600x1200 , DSCN9190.jpg )
304 No. 304
Can anyone give me some info on this model?
I know her stuff goes back a few years but she is one of those that eluded my collection and I would thrilled to know how many galleries she made and what other names she may have went by etc.
I do not have anything by her and would love to have her collection but anything would be great.
I have some rare things to share so I am not asking without offering something in return.
Example I have 6/7 full galleries of different models from the short-lived Super Models 7-17.

However if this board is shutting down, how will we know where to find it again?

Thanks a million.
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>> No. 305
Never seen that model I'm afraid, but full galleries of 7-17 hmm! that would be rare. How many sets of Dajana do you have, I have a few but I doubt any of them are 'full'.
>> No. 307
File 149629238563.jpg - (252.95KB , 1200x1600 , DSCN9409.jpg )

Your image is from Playtoy Cutie set 6. Compared to the other playtoy/AMS models she did very few sets (I know of only 10) and have never seen her under another name - and we all know another girl used the name Cutie at AMS.

Here's an image of her with Playtoy Twistie.
>> No. 308
Very nice pic of her with Twistie. I hope to get Cutie's stuff one day.
Yes there was the Cutie in the same group as Trixie,cherish etc and of course New Star Cutie.
Seems that was a popular name.

As for Dajana I have her entire collection.
It has been a few years since I viewed the 7-17 stuff, is she the one that also modeled as Lola?
My favorite is Theodora,I just love her.
What is ulra-rare is the second series they did. The camera quality is better but in all these years I have never seen any complete galleries posted. Only the same two or three pics that floated around forever are what I have seen.
A long time ago I had a friend that had the second series and he was about to send them to me but the small forum we belonged to closed and I lost contact with some of the finest collectors.
>> No. 309
File 149631125790.jpg - (392.13KB , 1600x1200 , DSCN0241.jpg )
I forgot to mention I would also be interested in Cutie's friend Twistie. In fact I was confused, it may be Twistie I was originally interested in.
I recall seeing some nice stocking pics of Twistie so now I want both. (lol)
Here is an old pic I found and possibly the only one I have of Twistie.
Wow I hope some kind person would share their Cutie and Twistie here.
>> No. 311
The complete Dajana collection would be fantastic, I'm sure I'm not the only one that'd be thrilled to see that posted!
>> No. 314
File 149705565046.jpg - (237.36KB , 1600x1200 , Pict0158.jpg )
Here is Dajana, it has 554 pics at about 135 MB.
It is an original,untouched set of photo shoots and exactly the way I received it from the website.
Interesting that she modeled for Maxwell and New Star Lola.

I always change the "http://" to "hxxp://"
so you have to copy/paste the link.
PW: TheBest

>> No. 315
Wow, I've never seen a complete unadulterated series from SM_7-17 before, usually sets are messed about with by previous posters. Thank you so much for this.
>> No. 317
Could you post these floating pictures? Just for reference
>> No. 318
Please post the Theodora. thanks!
>> No. 320
File 149746450551.jpg - (255.11KB , 1200x1600 , Pict0434.jpg )
Theodora (Wow) Such a shame Theo didn't have her own website, she is one of my all-time favorite models.
PW: TheBest
(as always copy/paste the link)
660 pics at approx 150 MB


Still hoping for Cutie/Twistie and that little redhead named Nikki.
Please share here if you have them.
>> No. 321
Thank you!
>> No. 322
File 149751390494.jpg - (286.55KB , 1200x1600 , DSCN8694.jpg )
Playtoy Cutie sets 1 to 6, 9 & 10 -

>> No. 323
File 149751606448.jpg - (522.01KB , 1000x1198 , !des.jpg )
AIH of Twistie (59 mixed pix plus homepage capture). Never seen her full sets anywhere, Usenet, torrents all return blanks. As you may know, AMS was the successor/inheritor to the Playtoy operation and have re-released models like Princess, Lolly#1 and Hermione on their 'ForeverModels site but Twistie has never appeared on there apart from her duo set with Cutie. Something of a mystery...


(thanks to Odds&Ends who put this and the Cutie sets up on Liberchan this time last year)
>> No. 324
PS forgot to say thanks for the Supermodels sets
>> No. 326
File 149755562631.jpg - (266.44KB , 1600x1200 , Pict0029.jpg )
Thanks a million for the Twistie and Cutie pics.
Now I am looking for this little redhead named Nikki. I only have this one gallery of hers and am hoping for her complete collection.
This is asking a lot but I also offer something in return.
Here is Mariana from 7-17
PW: TheBest

Another filler I have been needing for years is Bobbie (Webe) sets 36-60 if anyone can help out that would great.
>> No. 327
File 149755574129.jpg - (571.94KB , 1000x1504 , nikkishoot3 863.jpg )
This is the redhead Nikki I was asking about.
ANY of her stuff would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 337
I find it ironic that you are spewing this shit in this post, of all places. This particular post has nothing but zippyshare links; if this host is producing pop-ups for you, YOU don't know shit about browsers and how to get control of them.
>> No. 339
OP of this thread here and just letting you know I am not the one complaining, I don't play that chicken-sh^t, I am here to share my stuff and grab a few thing I didn't have.
A few bad apples can cause problems for the rest of that are here to be cool and share.
I don't like redirects or the other bullsh*t but I deal with it and move on.
Cheers to the admins and all the other great posters.
>> No. 341
If you want the redirects gone then sign up as a Moderator. YOU CAN DELETE ALLLLL OF THEM.

>> No. 343
File 149800699252.jpg - (14.46KB , 167x250 , 4e217a331641304.jpg )
well sorry guys that was really mean spirited.

I wouldn't be in this if I wasn't one also.

So let's work together to make the triforce and 144 work right.

I will do all I can to get rid of spam and redirects but fyi I DO make money off the cpx24 pop ups/pop unders. I don't hardly have the energy to moderate all 3 sites anymore. So any REAL HELP is appreciated.

Lets make this work.

(I was just joking that last post - I wanted to spaz out to see the reactions lol). Pic related i wanna bone that rn.
>> No. 345
File 149808375478.jpg - (547.49KB , 1000x1504 , 12345.jpg )
I would kind of like to get back to my original subject here and request more of the Cutie/Twistie/Rikki (the cute redhead)
I am willing to share some more 7-17 if everyone would stop all the negativity.
I use Zippy because I'm not in this for money,I'm in it because most of my collection is due to amazing,generous posters and I enjoy helping others out with things if I have what they are looking for.
I also like Daily Uploads,seems so many hate it and it works great for me. Yes it has a pop up(under) even when you "uncheck" the box but my trick is to minimize the window,click on it and quickly kill the pop-up. It's really not rocket science but it works.

Can anyone give me any info on Rikki- Did she have an actual website? How many galleries did she make? And could someone pretty please share some of her stuff? Thanks
>> No. 346
I have seen those sets ehem... How far are You going with it?
>> No. 347
I meant Nikki not Rikki.

Not sure what you mean by how far I'm going with it (?)
By the way thanks for your good work admin. Great place here.
>> No. 348
Well it's kiddy porn, bc ppl have posted her here before and it looked SUSPICIOUS AF.

I doubt She is even a model. It's just a bunch of loose photos taken amateurly. And it has partial nudity. It's not allowed.
>> No. 349
Ok I was not aware of that.
It's why I asked this- "Can anyone give me any info on Nikki- Did she have an actual website? How many galleries did she make?"

Thanks again, I will drop the subject.
>> No. 350
I don't actually know for certain. What I said was only a guess.
>> No. 351

I blocked "ART LOVER" because he could email me but I could never email HIM!!! Everytime I emailed him it always gave returned to sender(4). SO I BANNED HIM!!! Sorry we have no mods. He should make a new email address if he wants back here.
>> No. 357
File 14981733692.jpg - (287.84KB , 1600x1200 , Pict0634.jpg )
Yeah I admit it (Nikki) looks amateurish but then again so does Trixie,Cherish,Willey,Webe etc.
It's all done with cheap backdrops and low-end cameras. The photographers have zero artistic ability and no one-on-one with the models.
It's always the same tired old stuff.
If it weren't were the girl's natural ability to pose the redundancy would be overwhelming.

Nikki has nicely done series with what seems to be legit file names such as "nikkishoot3 047" so it led me to believe she had a website.
I said I would drop the subject so I will.

Meantime here is the exquisite Anika from 7-17.
684 pics at apprx 153 MB
As always copy/paste link.
PW: TheBest

Thanks again Mr. Admin,you appear to do a great job here.
>> No. 363
We are literally ONLY $4 just need a lite donation from ANYONE PLEASE!!!

Prefer Paypal: [email protected] ail.com
>> No. 365
It seems like I get flack from posters and users, when I am just doing my job and deleting nudity and/or topless girls that are under 18.

I don't enjoy the criticism, or even the baseless criticism. or even the accusations that I work with specific uploaders. But life isn't always fair. I never made deals with ichan or whoever, there were uploaders who followed the rules! So I preferred them. Doing an honest job here, doesn't always make an honest wage, and that's what I live with daily while doing this. (Not that it's too honest to begin with).

Can't any of you guys (and girls) throw a dog a bone?
>> No. 366
>> No. 372
Fine, I reinstated artlover's original login and original pw he will have to change them back to his own liking.
>> No. 373
File 149832310685.jpg - (38.65KB , 432x385 , 1stTeen00005.jpg )
>> No. 374

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