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File 148563590636.png - (254.49KB , 428x605 , candydoll.png )
137 No. 137 hide [Reply]
Requesting this set from Laura B and Valensiya S, candy doll. Please
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>> No. 273

I recall a few forums that had "nonudemodels" in it's name. Not sure if any are still running though.
>> No. 283
File 149349475066.jpg - (13.95KB , 480x360 , simple_l.jpg )
the link is dead also i found a short clip never seen before any body got this?
>> No. 285
File 149356647721.jpg - (149.61KB , 1138x630 , b_190320 - Edited.jpg )
is this a set or a video? anyone?
>> No. 295
>> No. 301
can knowone help with this??

File 149488718141.jpg - (58.34KB , 300x451 , tourlg08.jpg )
297 No. 297 hide [Reply]
Anyone got any links for Star 2 model?

File 14948854566.jpg - (225.21KB , 1728x1152 , sweet-charity-002-064.jpg )
296 No. 296 hide [Reply]
She is the adorable little sister of NS Paris

Does anyone have her first sets aka Sweet Charity?

She is my favorite NS model.

Thanks in advance

File 149180233945.jpg - (102.78KB , 545x800 , imgsrc_ru_39328400hgu.jpg )
251 No. 251 hide [Reply]
Who is she? I need a name please
>> No. 252
Jen from TPI (the people image)
>> No. 253
>> No. 278
Thank u for the information
Who has more?
>> No. 279
For some reason, she is hard to find. I found a thread for her at another forum for her first 30 sets, but most of the links were dead and the uploader hasn't been back since last November to reup.
>> No. 287
Please anyone share this cute. I love her

File 149349091366.jpg - (130.86KB , 864x1296 , tru_106_04011a.jpg )
281 No. 281 hide [Reply]
Are TRUS models allowed here or not? I'm waiting for an honest response, with the corresponding explanation, like violation of copyright, risqué content, LEA threats, etc. TIA.

>> No. 282
They're allowed but the owner DMCA's them down pretty quickly.
>> No. 284
Please post this cute set. I really love her. I m falling love. Please rovivrus
>> No. 286
File 149357673259.jpg - (100.98KB , 821x1168 , nycole from Brazil.jpg )
Only for you (and only for this time) I will repost that set.
Perhaps this is the last time I share T*R*U*S* sets, because of copyright. I see the genocide against WLC in Shareshan all because he shared a PLATINUM collection of those Brazilian girls.
Give me some time and I fulfill your wish.


File 149302355717.jpg - (266.49KB , 1152x1536 , 76149645_starlola_170_027.jpg )
270 No. 270 hide [Reply]
Anyone have her sets? I think she is Lola II. Looking for set 156 in particular.
>> No. 280
VK posted this set over at Sharechan.

File 149085367335.jpg - (391.35KB , 1338x2000 , sophia_pinkbandeau_TMTV_006_reducedbyme.jpg )
241 No. 241 hide [Reply]
Is this model allowed here? Her name is Sophia, from TMTV.
>> No. 242
Can't see why she can't be posted here. It's a pretty straightforward nonude (tame) agency.
>> No. 254
File 149251307719.jpg - (242.44KB , 2400x1607 , sophia_u_model_whiteskirt_teenmodeling_tv_058.jpg )
He thinks this is shareshit where girls under 50 are banned.
This slut is such a tease I'm uploading my 6 sets of her. Hope someone uploads op's sample or moar.
pass SophiaTMTV
>> No. 262

great... now can an adult upload the original sets and not this re-compressed and re-sezed horse shit this guy downloaded from a 3rd world image board?
>> No. 263

LOL I hear you. If I wanted 1/3 sized images, I'd just lurk in Sharechan. ^_^

File 14895074425.jpg - (245.42KB , 533x800 , Elena-002-01.jpg )
196 No. 196 hide [Reply]
Does anybody have more of Elena or the other Starsessions models?
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>> No. 224
Ah I see, fair enough I suppose.
>> No. 232
Or one might have thought the picture itself was the contributing factor to the post not showing up, so another was posted instead?

Shame that some folks have to point fingers and alienate others instead of helping out newbies. Someone hurt your feels in the past?
>> No. 233

Nah, my feelings are fine. But the way that you keep making lame excuses it appears as if someone has hurt your feelings and continues to do so on a daily basis.

But keep on entertaining us Mr. Sensitive. ;-)

Oh, and BTW - "All posts and replies must be approved by staff before appearing on this board.".

It's right there under every reply box. Throwing out the noob card doesn't apply in this case, Einstein... it's always good to read something before blindly blustering into a situation (especially if you're going to claim to be "new" here. lmao
>> No. 234
Ok that's enough I think he gets that posts are screened.
>> No. 256
File 149251324316.jpg - (16.01KB , 300x300 , OurSecret.jpg )
Or he can ask at 155 where posts appear immediately.

File 148942707133.jpg - (132.42KB , 1200x1600 , p2130010.jpg )
194 No. 194 hide [Reply]
Looking for Vladmodels Alina Y095 complete collection.
>> No. 229
File 149021904393.jpg - (715.97KB , 1176x4114 , y095 Alina.jpg )

What I really want are her custom sets.

I have found a torrent that has all of her sets except for the customs.

If someone can provide those to me, I will share the torrent file.

File 148440105723.jpg - (452.77KB , 2333x2847 , imgsrc_ru_36488294FMr.jpg )
115 No. 115 hide [Reply]
an extreme long shot.......just a single pic anyone
>> No. 120
Seems to be an amateur and not a model.....
Not sure though but I've stopped collecting some time ago in one way she seems familiar
Looks a little like a gal from TPI but I could be very wrong......
>> No. 181
who is that MOAR!!
>> No. 207


Come on man... that phrase was popular 5 years ago. Get with the times.
>> No. 226
either way she is sweet!

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