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File 142248361949.jpg - (234.25KB , 1024x889 , 14124052167.jpg )
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Someone on one of these boards posted this vid in 5 parts awhile back - but never posted part 5 .
Anyone have this vid or any of the dozens of the as yet un-posted Vlad Vids ? TIA

File 140146941497.jpg - (155.04KB , 868x1130 , 333331296.jpg )
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Anyone know who this is? Thanks!

File 142233577722.jpg - (152.89KB , 1024x760 , gnf_adri_1bychanockcl_Snapshot.jpg )
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does anyone have this vid?

File 142224923882.jpg - (51.42KB , 360x480 , 1419674018622.jpg )
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More of this girl?
Another http://i.imgur.com/ERGp5kc.jpg

File 138942306725.jpg - (450.51KB , 1168x1752 , v006-131-lg_122.jpg )
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Dear guys,
There is one model completely missing from the board.
The old Virginia Model.
Guys anyone has her full siterip?
The old one.
It will be like the best thing to happen for me in the New Year.
Thanks cherio
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>> No. 246
Bean, please help me with your files... I have tried pasting the file name, the entire thing (including .rar), and in segments. NOTHING WORKS! Its frustrating.
>> No. 268
Try removing the dot and the Rar ext part. The filename does not include those things
>> No. 463
whats the pass

File 14018686024.jpg - (241.64KB , 1504x1000 , raven-101-025.jpg )
434 No. 434 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Wonder if anyone can help with a pass. A while back a very generous sharer named "The OP" shared tons of NS and TM sets from various models. One was Raven 1. I DL'd all of the files and randomly extracted a few rar's now and again. Well, I still have 136 sets to open, but...

I accidentally deleted the %^&* password from a document where I keep such things... smh

It was a stylized version of the word "Raven". If anyone remembers what it was or happened to jot it down somewhere I'd appreciate your help. The OP disappeared around a month back and all of this shared files and threads have been deleted. Hope to hear from someone!
>> No. 439
I don't have that one, but I have these

Pass: 5H4R0N4
Pass: P4RTYM0D3L5
Pass: KR1SSY
Pass: 5UN5HIN3
Pass: 4M4ND4
Pass: CUT13

So maybe R4V3N? Not sure what he did with the letter V.
>> No. 441

Appreciate the reply, but that one didn't work.

For some reason I didn't delete the pass for Krissy, and it was a bit different than yours: ".-.KR155Y.-." without the parentheses

I seem to recall that he also added a few more characters for Raven as well. Oh well, again appreciate your help. Since you answered so quickly, maybe someone else may have kept it? I'd really hate to waste those files haha
>> No. 462

File 136678755645.jpg - (89.57KB , 649x633 , Clipboard03-Yulya.jpg )
7 No. 7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Looking for these Yulya sets plse
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>> No. 33
Third this !!!
>> No. 454
File 142156938526.jpg - (450.62KB , 1205x1800 , yulya_model_metallicblue_teenmodeling_tv_020.jpg )
bump please (before the reset, someone offered to post two of the others of these for the MetallicBlue set. (first is it ok to post someone else's link here?) and if so, if we can get the MGDress (and GrayBoots too hopefully) sets posted, I'll link to the MetallicBlue set that I have.
>> No. 461
Grey Boots looks like a great set!

File 142185289372.jpg - (264.71KB , 2544x1696 , VG037x16.jpg )
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Looking for Valia Gladkova (Gladcova) N or NN single pictures or sets, pls post!

File 142185560614.jpg - (120.27KB , 482x720 , elona_model_blackwings_teenmodeling_tv_009.jpg )
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I'm looking for this Elona set. If you have it, please upload it.

File 142182052120.png - (29.40KB , 144x108 , untitled.png )
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