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File 145489660777.jpg - (458.79KB , 1563x1103 , 46728972YFO2.jpg )
77 No. 77 hide [Reply]
ive looked for hours but can't find out who this is. does anyone have links or even just a name?
>> No. 78
Sorry, I don't know. But I guess she's a Candydoll model.
>> No. 79
no idea either - but agree it looks candy...

but I can see why you want to find who she is - beautiful :)
>> No. 80
no idea either - but agree it looks candy...

but I can see why you want to find who she is - beautiful :)

File 14548897059.jpg - (388.55KB , 1728x2592 , 131971931196.jpg )
76 No. 76 hide [Reply]
anyone knows her name?? please

File 145340633075.jpg - (122.11KB , 958x765 , amanda.jpg )
61 No. 61 hide [Reply]
I'm hoping to find the early Amanda sets and especially videos from long before she modeled at Online Model World. The sets I'm seeking are from SuperModelLinks.com or Model-Alisa.com and the earliest Pro Model World. I only have a few broken pieces from these early sets and have included reduced samples here to help. Please share if you can.

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>> No. 74
wow can yuo post sets?

File 145083399399.png - (842.53KB , 600x800 , Untitled-1.png )
1 No. 1 hide [Reply]
Does anyone know if Camy has sets beyond #30?
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>> No. 8
>>2 Thanks m8, do you have it by any chance?

Or does anyone has the original set #30, enough to care and post it? Just that single set.
>> No. 48
>>8 ??
>> No. 66
I only have 27 sets of Camy (aka Camille), if someone has the other 3, please to post here.
>> No. 67
For a long time I wanted to know the name of the original studio of "dreams" models Camy, Dany, Katy and Oceane. Does anyone know his original name?

There is a current group called Small Models who possessed sets of "dreams" as models Oceane and Katy. But this group is very recent, it could not be owner because some of the models "dreams" has origins in models "Petite" (2008) as Oceane and Camy (aka Camille). They have sets with two other models Juliette and Sorena.

But Juliette and Sorena is currently credited to the Sweet Doll and not to the Small Models. Others alleged Sweet Doll models would be Rabea, Nadja, Ciarra, Paula, Eve and Vichy.

Both Sweet Doll and Small Models not appear to be the origin of these models because they are new groups (2015-2016). But both have portfolios with the style and scenarios very similar, which poses a possible common origin. But what would it be?

As someone in the comments cited the Ultra. I'm more confused because I remember the group "Ultra Models" and their models also had similar scenarios to Sweet and Small. Do all these jobs would be in that group? Someone here at Chan has a proper confirmation about this?
>> No. 73
will someone post Ultra set 53 please??

File 145172862022.jpg - (181.20KB , 1000x1500 , m120-s02-30.jpg )
21 No. 21 hide [Reply]
Anyone has more of her
>> No. 69
>> No. 71
I think I have her sets, but not sure. Check later...

File 145398228140.jpg - (391.95KB , 1482x1120 , IMG_0014.jpg )
70 No. 70 hide [Reply]
Hi guys, I'd like to know her name and her sets if available.



Thank you

File 145311574040.png - (537.36KB , 565x610 , Screenshot_2016-01-18_03-12-20.png )
55 No. 55 hide [Reply]
Could anyone be so kind as to share MF Super? That'd be great!
>> No. 62
Split into 3 parts, use hjsplit to join them.

>> No. 63
Split into 3 parts, use hjsplit to join them

>> No. 64
File 145348202314.jpg - (35.08KB , 400x122 , Super.jpg )
Split into 3 parts, use hjsplit to join them

>> No. 68
Do you have Magazine Fashion 05?

File 145367135677.jpg - (460.78KB , 960x1445 , 658707677_MelGallery61_Mel61_031_122_451lo.jpg )
65 No. 65 hide [Reply]
little mel- entire site which was about 100 sets was uploaded some time ago but lost- If anyone has it plz up

More pics:

File 145265300784.gif - (311.29KB , 500x245 , tumblr_mi77d136FH1rl3m7uo1_500.gif )
34 No. 34 hide [Reply]
Dafuq happened to the /nn boards here and at 180? They both 404. :(
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 41
I guess the wall-to-wall spam links drove the users away so visitor numbers dropped.

I remember Odds&Ends started posting on the mirror board but commented about random deletion of some of his posts, so I think he stopped posting there. That comment also got deleted.

Don't think these chans have much of a future tbh.
>> No. 42
Without the nonude section(s), this chan is going to be just like any of the other dozens of garbage sites out there, and is going to go straight down the toilet.

If the "new" owner's intention is to kill 144 & 180, removing the nonude boards will do the trick.
>> No. 47
l need liliana set 250 plz
>> No. 56
Are there any other decent nn image boards to use now that the triforce is ruined?
>> No. 58

File 145294379028.jpg - (342.61KB , 1000x1400 , silver-jewels-cover_Sarah-blacklace-2.jpg )
45 No. 45 hide [Reply]
En la sección nonude se encuentra deshabilitada y estoy buscando los sets de SARAH
>> No. 53
En la página share.chan .org (todo junto) puedes encontrarlos y mas
>> No. 54
En sharechan.org /nn

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