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File 148209170685.jpg - (180.56KB , 1600x1200 , p2130001.jpg )
89 No. 89
Haven't posted in this place for a looonnnng time, but may I leave this here? Katya-m039 set 001.


Passwd: 0dds&3nds

For some reason it didn't get approved by the board it was originally intended for, don't know why, she wears the same outfit throughout the shooting of the set and the poses are quite modest, highlighting her beauty and grace rather than any overt sexualized stuff.
>> No. 90
That's because the modder of "the board it was originally intended for" aka sharechan fuckswamp is a censorship nazi who gets off at rejecting users posts.
>> No. 157

I hear you. That sharespam admin (aka legend in his own mind, aka god of the world) didn't like what I had to say in a post, so instead of just deleting that one, he deleted EVERY SINGLE POST that I've made in the past few months, including links to sets.

I wish that the few decent uploaders over there would come back to 144/180, because that tyrant at Premium Chans doesn't deserve all of the clicks that his pop up ad-ridden shit board gets. >:
>> No. 164
which site?

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