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File 146867700313.jpg - (172.86KB , 1024x1530 , laura-109-021.jpg )
22 No. 22
Just wanted to say thanks to the posters using Mirror and would love to see more

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>> No. 190

But unfortunately this section is tiny in comparison to the "pay host" sections. Just human nature to be greedy fuckers.

Again, I also appreciate people who share in this section.
>> No. 195
File 149056441972.jpg - (30.21KB , 640x480 , shps.jpg )
Yes, sadly there are a lot of (((posters))) these days
>> No. 206
It sucks because there's a AMS Cherish thread over in CG that I'd like to use, but only 1 of the 4 hosts that guy is using is worth a crap.
>> No. 331
>> No. 333
File 150324103123.jpg - (611.14KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0109.jpg )
>bumps a thread that's been dormant for 5 months
>calls another poster a faggot

wew lad
>> No. 334
Do you have any statues as I would like to pull them down? get over your idiotic mindset please.
It gives me a pain in my rectum.
I'm not willing to embrace your usarian economic values.
>> No. 336
Dafuq? Another retard attacking a post from 5 months ago. Do you really think he's still here?
hint: this isn't /pol/, no-one here really gives a shit, most are lurking coz we like looking at young ladies

Oh yeah
I'll take 3 guesses
- he's a lead character in Catch-22
- he's a recently retired sprint athlete
- you meant to spell it 'US Aryan'

What do I win? sage in all fields?
>> No. 337
SORRY did not take notice of the dates.
My bad.
usarian is an accepted term like european.
Aryan is your own predisposition to the word usarian for whatever reason.
Usarian has a meaning like North American (exclude canaks), yank, etc.
Read it as USA-rian not US-aryan. cool
>> No. 338
I now use the term centchaser rather than shekeler.
I don't think there is a reasonable approach for nigga & the like, given that it's been taken up as a measure of honor by many.
To be honest. I'm sick to fucken death hearing it, especially on black music, some of which I like, some of which I think is crap.
But that's the way it should be.
Live & let live.
I fear my government's security forces FAR more than terror.

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