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File 147773766727.jpg - (202.40KB , 1280x1024 , newsletter1.jpg )
1 No. 1
There is a 144chan Newsletter!! Join!

>> No. 2
make this site great again! I say drop the the other two and focus all your energy on 144!
>> No. 4
Quite aware it's never even looked on when posted here,well,I'll make one minor post anyway.
Keep Politics in B,too much of it anyway IRL.
Keep ONE thread with the same content and of course make a decision in what section for starters.
Then TriForce may have more response,positive response.
I'll keep an eye here from time to time and when I think 144 deserves it some more traffic may be added.
Positive traffic and no spam and that's a promise.
I know you've got plenty to do here.
Assure I'm enjoying to see 144 on its way back to the top.
You've got me as a supporter even if you may think I'm not.
Cheers and Thanks Admin + Staff 144 is my time of rest.
>> No. 18
Is this board for everyone not only english or US persons???
I don't know anymore what boards I can post to or say thanks on this is my final hope
I like 144 is online again very boring ehn gone
Merci for 144 have a very good 2017
>> No. 20
THANKS you ARE handing out BANS like crazy
All EU IP's what's about that?
AAAHHH you want this to be a place for 1 kind of peeps soooooo that's what's going on
Why don't you simply tell that on the FRONT PAGE
>> No. 21
If I recall correctly I have been banning spammers and innapropriate posters, and a few flooders. Maybe I banned a few normal users by accident? I don't have any agenda against EU visitors.

Maybe you are a spammer?
>> No. 22
Actually not a spammer BUT maybe accidently using the same proxy as one of the spammers.
The most funny are it's always a ban handed out to me whatever board I'm trying to say a simple thanks in,144 180 none is different except one thing.
And that's the funny part btw......
Never ever a ban if I'm using a proxy origin in US,quite strange or?
All EU and a ban just instantly will never expire also which tells proxys seems to be unknown even today when they are more common then ever before
BTW it's why I've not replyed and after this attempt I'll recieve one again just like always.
Well none would be more surprised then me if I'm not banned that's for sure
But for me it's over with posting anything ever here again even a thanks as I'll say adios.....
Kudos for giving a reply though but me here again will not happen
>> No. 23
Don't know if you're around
If you are feel free to look around at every non english boards there's quite many lately
I've found one I like and you could find one but search in your native lang I'm sure you'll find a board you'll like too
>> No. 24
I apologize, but I am reluctant to unban any spammer IP wether it's shared or not.

Maybe if you donate some bitcoin, you would persuade me.
>> No. 25
For starters thanks for the job done with the front/s.
Easier to find sections now.
Teensey something you're going to concentrate on later on?
I don't mean any harm by asking about it,promise.
Time for me it's limited just curious if the 18+ area will still be here when I'll get the chance returning that's all.
Thanks I do appreciate all you're doing here.
>> No. 26
Well so much of having a discuss section.....
Prolly you're not too eager increasing traffic then.
If you could have stand a few users more with similar english like mine you could have seen the figures rise with good posts too.
Never got anything about Teensey well I'd never be there anyway or here again that's for sure with all the hatred you support.
Let the good times come back and close these shitty sites once and for all I'll be happy to assist you as it's my other hobby.
Regards if you can stand it as well as all the other little apes around.
>> No. 27

Come on dude... you know why you were banned - and why you're banned at every board you start your childish arguments at. "Mr. Regards". smh
>> No. 28
im looking for a website i cant remember it anymore i cant really use some help its called nonumodles or something like that
>> No. 34
The 18+ section isn't going away just yet. Guyver wanted it gone at some point then so did Art Lover. But I am leaving it for now. It's been reduced to two boards /sw/ & /teen/, but I added back /p/ - Porn.

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