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File 149284831027.jpg - (49.18KB , 609x672 , wow.jpg )
5421 No. 5421 ID: 74e1f6
Posts on 155chan.info now appear automatically without screening or waiting time.
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>> No. 6173 ID: e90231
It is a bad idea to move the site to the deep web
>> No. 6303 ID: b6dd89
today is the day, bye from surface dear triforce,it was fun to visit this site.

I will not follow you on onionland.
good luck on your new site,

by the way, this change you made means more traffic for premiumchanspam
>> No. 6316 ID: b6dd89
haste la vista baby!
>> No. 6324 ID: f90f92
File 149626758297.jpg - (10.57KB , 168x299 , from the ashes.jpg )
I'm working on an 8chan replacement. It should be functioning within 3 days. The address will be librechan.co
>> No. 6418 ID: 5c1fb6
thank you
>> No. 6745 ID: ed36bd
Hey librechan.co, does not work, create this website, please.
>> No. 6750 ID: ad4f85
I sincerely apologize for the delay as I've had some unexpected challenges. It should be up within 72 hours.
>> No. 6754 ID: ac31b0
>> No. 6808 ID: e7fa5f
72 hours have passed and librechan.co does not work, I think this site will never be up :(
>> No. 6823 ID: ad4f85
Op here and I dunno how to apologize to you guys. It's completely out of my hands as the guy responsible for the server hardening keeps postponing. I'll stop making time estimates but all I can promise is I'll get it up ASAP hopefully very soon.
>> No. 6824 ID: a0eede
You won't have much traffic to start with. Hosting at that level is only $6.99! I pay $42 USD here (Admin), AND I DO ALL THE WORK because Moderators are cunty, bitchy and worse.. ACCUSATIONAL!!!

You mean You can't start a chan on a simple server and domain and like KusabaX for almost free? What are You doing or planning?


Are You writing all the script Yourself wt?

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